What brings you to ACUR?

  • 23 October 2020 12:35 PM
    Message # 9320827
    Lilia Mantai (Administrator)

    It was a sunny day in Sydney and I was stuck in a dusty office doing invoice filing. I was questioning my life choices.

    The phone rang and my manager told me that Angela was looking for an RA/PM to help her with her research project on undergraduate research.....The rest is history and is still being written ten years on.

    While working with Angela to promote UGR across Australia, I met many UGR students and witnessed their immense curiosity, commitment and impressive capabilities to pursue research questions. What's more, we learned a lot from working with students. I was fascinated by how much students would step up if we just provided a space for them, gave support and encouragement, and more importantly trust them.

    Angela and I have been working closely since 2010 on conferences, events, newsletters, website, student projects, grant applications, reports and publications. In between I did my own research: a PhD on the PhD experience, specifically on researcher development and the role of social support. I worked as a learning designer, academic developer, and lecturer. Now I continue work and research in academic development at the University of Sydney Business School with a focus on assurance of learning, assessment, graduate skills, research education and research students.

    Next year I will be delivering a one-of-a-kind unit in the new Bachelor of Advanced Studies at The University of Sydney, where I will be mentoring  and helping students solve research questions in business, education and leadership. No doubt I’ll be meeting some bright minds and I can’t wait to learn with and from them!

    What brings you here?
    How did you come to value undergraduate research?
    What’s your story?